Born in 2015 from a desire to serve the best cup of coffee, tea and chocolate possible, in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere. It is born from the desire to promote a sustainable community based on the recognition of the work of all those who participate in the value chain
of our products, taking care of every detail, from the producer and his harvest to the consumer and the cup.

We love good coffee, tea and chocolate and we are fascinated by what it produces: talks, ideas, ties and moments. We seek to connect, create and achieve. We want to build and be part of the world in which we want to live.


We want our customers to find an offer of coffee, tea and chocolate that is normally sold abroad with high tasting levels.

We want you to know all the work involved in bringing the product to your cup, from planting to the preparation of the drink. We support our suppliers by advertising their brands and selling their products directly to the public, more than suppliers we look for our strategic

We strive to provide our employees with a pleasant work environment, where they always feel part of the team and seeks their continuous development through courses and travel experiences in the places of origin of our products.